Fire Apparatus & Equipment

Portland Fire Department Badge

The Portland Fire Department requires annual continued education for all personnel to maximize live-saving abilities. All firefighters complete numerous training courses and receive certifications on a yearly basis. In addition to "class work" and structure training, Portland Firefighters train on various fleet vehicles. The Portland Fire Department has several vehicles that each provide specialized response needs. The Portland Firefighters' training and available equipment ensures they are capable of responding to all-hazards, protecting our community. 

Tower 2 Fire Engine 

Tower 2 is a 2019 Pierce Velocity 100' platform aerial fire engine. This is the largest vehicle in our fleet! Tower 2 is used for aerial rescue operations, but its primary purpose is fire suppression. Over 2,000 gallons of water can be discharged per minute from multiple nozzles - making it a valuable tool when battling structure fires. 

Tower 2

Tower 2 - Front Side

Engine 2


Engine 2

Engine 2 is a 2013 Pierce Dash Engine / Pumper. Its primary purpose is emergency support during structure fires and vehicle collisions. This unit can transport additional firefighters, water and crucial equipment to assist in a wide range of emergency incidents. 

Ladder 2

Ladder 2 is a 2005 Pierce 75-foot Aerial. This another high-performance aerial ladder in our fleet. The aerial ladder is equipped with a 180-degree water nozzle that provides extra fire suppression support. Ladder 2 is used in larger fires, like residential and structure fires, when time is critical to prevent the spread of the blaze to other structures. 

Ladder 2


Brush 2


Brush 2

Brush 2 is a 2012 International Harvester. This vehicle is equipped with specialized gear and water storage capabilities to battle large brush and grass fires. This unit provides fast emergency response to areas with uneven terrain, where regular fire engines cannot travel. Rural brush fires can escalate very quickly, especially during dry weather, putting residential neighborhoods and businesses at risk. A fast response is critical to containing the blaze to save people, property and wildlife habitat.  

Tanker 2

Tanker 2 is a 2001 Pierce 2,000-gallon water tanker. This unit is responsible for carrying water to supplement firefighting operations. Tanker 2 is utilized during firefights when a fire hydrant is unavailable since it has the capability to pump water from the tank supply. It is an essential asset supporting the ability to fight fires in Portland and supplement neighboring communities’ firefighting needs through mutual aid. 

Tanker 2

Tanker 2

Squad 2

Squad 2.jpg

Squad 2

Squad 2 is the EMS (emergency medical services) unit. Paramedics are the first to arrive on many scenes including medical distress calls, vehicle accidents and welfare checks. Squad 2 provides dependability and equipment storage paramedics need for everyday common emergency calls. As a result, this vehicle is considered the workhorse of Portland Fire Department. 

Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal's Truck

Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Pinder works with Portland Police Department to investigate all arson related incidents. He also works with schools, churches, and the business community to educate the public about fire codes, building regulations and safe practices during an emergency. Don’t forget to wave hi when you see Portland fleet vehicles driving around town! 

Assistant Chief/Fire Marshall's Truck

Fire Marshal

Technical Rescue Trailer

Portland’s Technical Rescue Trailer holds all specialized equipment needed for trench rescues, urban search and rescues (USAR), and many other uncommon emergency situations. 

Utility Truck

The Utility Truck is a 2022 Ford F-250 4x4. This utility truck is the newest unit in the Fire Department’s fleet. It can transport heavier emergency equipment and tow the technical rescue trailer and HAZMAT response unit trailers. The Utility Truck is also used to transport additional crew members to active emergencies and for transportation to public awareness demonstrations.  

Utility Truck

Portland Fire Utility Truck 2

HAZMAT Response Unit

Portland Fire Hazmat Truck

HAZMAT Response Unit Trailer

The Portland Fire Department's HAZMAT Response Unit Trailer is used during emergencies involving hazardous substances and dangerous chemicals. The HAZMAT Unit Trailer is equipped with lights, communication equipment and highly specialized gear to neutralize chemical threats and keep the public and environment safe from harmful exposure. The HAZMAT Response Trailer is ready to be deployed at all times and used for training exercises regularly. 

Parade Truck

The initial Portland Fire Department was a volunteer-ran organization. The volunteer firefighters were a “bucket brigade”, meaning they used buckets of water to put out fires, until they acquired a 1932 Chevrolet truck with a water pump on the front end of the vehicle. The next vehicle the Portland Fire Department obtained was a 1956 International Harvest Howe. This vehicle was purchased by Daniel Moore, Portland’s first mayor. This historic fire truck is the Parade Truck you still see today in the annual parades! This truck has served our community, life-saving ventures and community events, for nearly 70 years. It is symbol of dependable engineering and is a reminder of the brave volunteers who served to protect our community.   

Parade Truck, 1956 International Harvester Howe

Our Parade Truck is a 1956 International Harvester Howe