How can I avoid dog attacks?
Never go into someone else's yard to pet a dog. * Never try to pat a dog that is chained up. * Don't reach through a car window to pat a dog. Even if the dog is one that you know and who likes you, he may not recognize you. The Safe Way to Meet a Strange Dog: 1) Stand quietly with your arms at your sides. 2) Do not shout at the dog. 3) Do not wave your arms, grab at the dog or run away. 4) If a dog looks frightened or angry, leave it alone. 5) Do not look straight into the dog's eyes. Questions and Answers about unfriendly dogs: Q: What do I do if I am approached by an unfriendly dog? A: Do not run, scream or talk. Just stand still and be quiet. Don't look directly at the dog, even if he comes up to sniff you. You can look at his tail or his foot, but don't look into his eyes. In dog language, that is a threat. Remember, quiet, still, no staring. Most likely the dog will lose interest once he looks you over. Then you can slowly move away. Q: How do I approach a dog? A: Walk up to the dog from the side, not the back or directly in front. Hold out your knuckle and let him sniff your hand, this method keeps your fingers protected. That's how dogs tell who you are by sniffing. Pat him under his chin or on the side. Never pat a dog by coming down over the top of his head or the back of his neck because it is threatening. Practice by patting your pet dog correctly. Q: What do I do if I fall down? A: Remember, quiet, still, no staring. If you are down and the dogs seems to want to bite you, slowly curl into a ball and fold your hands behind your neck.

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